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I often describe psychotherapy to my clients as a labyrinth and they are sharing with me what they see, feel and think in their lives. My job is to help them make sense of it and to share the different options that I see available to them. Sometimes, when we are in the mist of life, it is difficult for us to truly be able to see what is in front of us, and even how our past choices have changed our course. Therapy is a safe place to explore our lives in order to gain valuable insight that could change our lives and lead us to being more content.

It is my hope that in working with individuals to better meet their own goals, I am able to help them to be happier and more productive individuals. I look forward to meeting with you and exploring the different options to changing your life.

- Rupal Mistry, LCPC

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Individual Psychotherapy
Adolescents & Adults

Family Therapy
Couples Therapy

Issues I Evaluate & Treat

Academic Difficulties
Anxiety Disorders
Attachment Disorders
Bi-polar Disorder
Body Image Problems

Parent-Child Conflicts
Personality Disorders
Post Partum Depression
Relationship Problems
Sexual ID
Low-self Esteem